Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

Jennifer Lawrence dubbed ‘not pretty enough’ to play Sharon Tate by the late actress’ sister

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Jennifer Lawrence has been branded “not pretty enough” to play murder victim Sharon Tate in a planned biopic.

Debra Tate has voiced her disapproval for J Law to play her murdered sister, Sharon.

Sharon – who grew to prominence in the 1960s – was married to film director Roman Polanski and was eight months pregnant with their child when she was stabbed to death by members of Charles Manson’s family.

She was butchered along with four other people with cult leader Charles eventually being jailed for the crimes.

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly working on a new biopic about the horror killings which took place on 9 August 1969.

Speaking to TMZ , Debra said she would prefer Australian actress Margot Robbie to play Sharon over Oscar winner Jen.

“Not that I have anything against her, but she’s not pretty enough to play Sharon,” Debra, 64, said.

“And that’s a horrible thing to say, but I have my standards. My pick would be Margot simply because of her physical beauty,” she said.

“And the way she even carries herself is similar to that of Sharon,” she continued.

“Physical beauty wouldn’t be so important but Sharon’s six years of her public life were all based on that incredibly beautiful, natural, perfect look in both soul, heart and spirit. So that’s what I’m looking to try to capture.”

Katie Cassidy portrayed Sharon in a 2016 horror film called Wolves at the Door loosely based on the Manson murders.

While Kate Bosworth has reportedly been attached to play Sharon in a biopic of her life said to be directed by Michael Polish.

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