Is Narendra Modi government ‘scared’ or Rahul Gandhi

Is Narendra Modi government 'scared' or Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday roared in front of the media, saying the government was “scared” and will try to muzzle his voice in Parliament on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) sedition row.

“I will speak but they (government) will not let me speak because they are scared. They are scared of what I am going to say in Parliament so they will not let me speak,” Rahul told the media on Wednesday.

But what actually happened in the Lok Sabha, was completely different – the ‘Yuvraaj’ just rested on his seat, while his party colleague Jyotiraditya Scindia initiated the debate on the JNU row and Rohith Vemula suicide issue. If this was not enough Rahul and Scinida were not even present in Parliament when Union Minister Smriti Irani gave a thunderous response on both the contentious issues.

In a hard-hitting reply, laced with emotion and anger, the Bharatiya Janat Party (BJP) leader forcefully defended the action against students of JNU saying Kanhaiya Kumar and some other students had been found indulging in anti-national activities by the JNU authorities themselves.

“Help me build the nation, not destroy it from within,” she said stressing, “I respect your patriotism, don’t demean mine… I have my idea of India…Don’t demean it,” she roared in Lok Sabha.

Nobody, other than Rahul himself, is his enemy. The Congress MP from Amethi has on many occasions taken up issues like mining in Niyamgiri Hills, ‘Marathi manoos’, Kalavati and the recent JNU and Rohith suicide case, but has failed to take them to positive conclusion and impress people.

Rahul is also a regular absentia from Parliament (who can forget he skipped the 2015 Budget Session), thus skipping the most important forum from where he could really usher in ‘change’.

The Gandhi scion on Wednesday had a great chance to showcase that he really believes in bringing change rather than just doing theatrical politics.

By not speaking in Parliament on the issues, which he himself decided to pick, gave a belligerent Smriti Irani a golden chance to target the Congress, especially Rahul Gandhi.

It seems Rahul is happy in giving repeated one liners on ‘Modi sarkar’ in the media, and paying one day visit to various places in the country where some trouble shoots up. Well, if Rahul continues to act like this, the Modi-led BJP can be rest assured to have a gala time in the next 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, and who knows Amethi deserts the emotional politics and opts for Smriti Irani.

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