Is BJP experimenting with emergency in Delhi, asks Arvind Kejriwal

Is BJP experimenting with emergency in Delhi, asks Arvind Kejriwal

Veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader LK Advani’s statement that he fears a return of an emergency-like situation has provided fodder to Opposition parties to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Moments after Advani’s interview appeared in the The Indian Express on Thursday morning, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to Twitter questioning Centre’s alleged role in ruling Delhi through the Lieutenant Governor (L-G).

“Advani ji is correct in saying that emergency can’t be ruled out. Is Delhi their first experiment?” Kejriwal tweeted.

AAP leader Ashutosh also criticised the Modi government and added that Advani’s statement shows that the veteran leader has no faith in the government at the Centre.

“This reminds me of that time LK Advani hinted at dictatorship and Hitler in his blog when Modiji was being chosen as PM candidate. What LK Advani ji has said shows that he has no faith in Modi and this government,” Ashutosh said.

Congress spokesperson Tom Vadakkan also latched on to Advani’s remarks saying the ‘jury is out’ from the ruling┬áparty itself.

“Today the jury is out. Advaniji is vocal. What he had to say, he has said,” Vadakkan told reporters, adding, “It is obvious whom he is talking about, whose government is there, who is the Prime Minister. He knows it. But he is a statesman-like leader of the BJP. He did not want to name the Prime Minister. But whoever reads the interview, he/she would understand he is talking about Modi.”

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi without naming him. When asked to comment on Advani’s statement, Kumar said: “Advaniji is a senior and respected leader of the country. Attention must be paid if he has raised some important point. We are already feeling it (emergency like situation).”

Earlier, in an interview to The Indian Express, Advani pointed out that the Indian political system is yet to come to terms with the Emergency, and that he fears similar situation could rise again.

Speaking ahead of the 40th anniversary of Emergency on June 25, the 87-year-old leader said forces that can crush democracy are stronger.

“At the present point of time, the forces that can crush democracy, notwithstanding the constitutional and legal safeguards, are stronger. In the years since the Emergency in 1975-77, I don’t think anything has been done that gives me the assurance that civil liberties will not be suspended or destroyed again. Not at all,” Advani said.

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