Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

If you can’t pick up Masood Azhar from Bahawalpur, let us know, we will do it for you: Amarinder Singh tells Imran Khan

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Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh on Tuesday attacked Punjab CM Imran Khan for trying to be evasive about Pulwama terror attack and divulged the location of Jaish-e Mohammed chief Azhar Masood. Completely rejecting Imran Khan’s demand for sharing of proof, Amarinder Singh brought up the reference of 26/11 where no action was taken by Pakistan despite details dossiers being supplied.

Imran Khan earlier in a speech said, “”If you have any actionable intelligence that a Pakistani is involved. Give it to us. I guarantee you we will take action – not because we are under pressure, but because they are acting as enemies of Pakistan,” he said.

“I have been hearing and seeing on the Indian media that politicians there are calling for revenge from Pakistan. If India thinks it will attack Pakistan, then we will not just think but retaliate.” “Starting a war is in our hands, it is easy. But ending a war, that is not in our hands and no one knows what will happen. Khan said.

“Its not in our interests that somebody from here goes out to do terrorism, nor that somebody comes here and does terrorism,” he added.

Asserting that the entire country was “fed up” with the senseless killings of Indian soldiers in Kashmir, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday called for coercive action against Pakistan, which, he suggested, could be military, diplomatic or economic, or a combination of all the three.

Calling for the death of two “of them” for every Indian soldier killed in Pulwama attack, Singh said it’s clear that the Pakistan Army was calling the shots, with Prime Minister Imran Khan also a “plant” of the military.

“We should get 82 of them since 41 of our men have been killed,” the chief minister asserted, demanding an “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

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