I won’t reply to a person with ‘narrow mindset’: Sonia Gandhi

I won't reply to a person with 'narrow mindset': Sonia Gandhi

Congress President Sonia Gandhi today refused to respond to the controversial remarks made against her by union minister Giriraj Singh.

“What did he say? I think I should not reply to persons with such narrow mindset (neech mansikta),” Sonia Gandhi said.

Giriraj Singh kicked up a major row yesterday with his racist remarks when he wondered whether Congress would have accepted Sonia Gandhi’s leadership if she was not white-skinned.

“Had Rajiv Gandhi married a Nigerian woman and if she was not a white-skinned woman, would the Congress have then accepted her leadership?” the minister of state for micro, small and medium enterprises told journalists in Bihar’s Hajipur yesterday.

His comments drew condemnation from political parties and various women leaders.

BJP President Amit Shah himself is reported to have scolded union minister Giriraj Singh for his sexist and racist remarks against Congress President.

The Nigerian envoy said the High Commission would “notify” the Nigerian government about the minister’s comments. Asked whether the High Commission would file a formal complaint with the Ministry of External Affairs, he said, “We need to file a complaint.”

Singh, however, expressed regret over his racist comments against Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

“During off record sessions, many things are said. If Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi are hurt by my statements, I regret what I said,” said Giriraj Singh.

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