I had warned Arvind Kejriwal about wrong people joining AAP: Anna Hazare

I had warned Arvind Kejriwal about wrong people joining AAP: Anna Hazare

The unending list of controversies surrounding the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has disappointed Anna Hazare, the anti-corruption crusader who many consider as Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal¬†‘s mentor.

In an interview with India Today, Anna recalled that he had warned Kejriwal regarding forming a political party to continue the fight against corruption.

“I had told him (Kejriwal) that if he creates a party that delivers on its promises then it would be useful for this country and he had promised that his party will be different. One that will de-centralise power. Give more power to people and bring in laws and implement the same. All this had raised the expectations from AAP,” Anna said.

When asked to comment on AAP’s working and the recent controversies surrounding it, the 77-year-old social activist said: “Asha thi, lekin niraasha hui hai. Khotey sikke ab najar aa rahe hain (Had hopes but have been disappointed. Real faces of people in the party are being exposed now)”

“I had asked Arvind do you have a system in place to judge whether the person joining your party has a clean character or not. At that time he had no answer to this and today also he can’t explain,” Anna said pointing towards recent controversies involving AAP leaders Jitender Singh Tomar and Somnath Bharti.

He stressed that the biggest mistake that Kejriwal has committed is selection of people with dicey characters. “He (Kejriwal) cannot take insult. He reacts very quickly. He has an ego problem,” Anna said.

The Gandhian activist further advised Kejriwal to silence his rivals through work and not by words as success is the best revenge one can have (Kathani se nahi karni se jawab do logo ko).

“I feel that Arvind Kejriwal is caught up in a ‘chakravyuh‘, but I feel he will surely come out of this. He should not indulge in verbal spat and should not react to any insult,” Anna said.

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