Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

How Sonakshi Sinha shuts a pervert on social media

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Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, is very active on social media sites, and often holds Q&A sessions with her followers.

On Monday (February 8) she took time out to chat with her fans on Twitter and during this session, one of her fans asked the ‘Dabangg’ actress when she was going to flaunt her curves onscreen.

Sonakshi known for her bold persona and confidence never shied away from standing for what she believes in and expressing her opinions.

She did the same this time. So when this guy asked her when the actress planned on showing her fans her body in her films, Sonaskhi lashed back at the user saying, “Ask your mum or sister the same question you creep. Let me know what they say!”

But Sonakshi was not going to leave the matter at that. When the guy did not respond to her, she shared the screenshots of the displeasing conversation and also shared his Twitter profile on her page.

The actress later deleted the post after the Twitter user apologized for his statements.


While the actress and her supporters slammed this creep, he found a supporter in a girl. But Sonakshi was not taking all this lying down and gave an apt reply to the lady.


She wrote, “US?? So ur sayin ur in his category ?? What a dhabba on womankind u urself are for sharing his disgusting line of thought.”

Soon after the heated exchange, actor Varun Dhawan too joined in to support his friend and had some strong words to say.



He later deleted the tweet after his fans shot back saying that he could have opted for better choice of words.

Varun later apologized
for his outburst but definitely did put his thoughts across.


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