Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Harrison Ford to auction Han Solo jacket in aid of epileptic daughter

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Harrison Ford will auction off his iconic Han Solo costume to help an American medical center treating his daughter and in finding a cure for epilepsy.

The Star Wars hero has become synonymous with the brown jacket he has donned for the movie franchise, including a leather version he wore for the latest installment – Star Wars: The Force Awakens, reported Vanity Fair.

Now Ford, 73, said the jacket is up for grabs at an upcoming auction, with proceeds going to the New York University’s Langone centre.

“I was wearing it throughout the film,” he said, confirming about the auction. However, he admitted that he would have a difficult task getting it back after one of the doctors at the research facility took a shine to it. “Dr. Devinsky really wanted this jacket, and it fits him like a glove.”

Ford’s daughter Georgia Ford, 25, has not had an epileptic seizure for the past eight years after being treated at the NYU Langone. Prior to that however, she was repeatedly misdiagnosed and was even prescribed migraine medicine for many years before getting a proper diagnosis as a teenager.

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