Gauahar is a bitch!!!

Gauhar Khan

He is out of Bigg Boss 7 after a surprise midweek eviction. But, now nude yoga guru Vivek Mishra is ready to bare his heart. There is relief in his voice as he says: “I’m glad that I have come back with my dignity intact from that mad house!”

The man who has gone on record to say that ‘Gauahar is a  Bitch’ explains his irritation with the girl thus: “I hate Gauahar because she instigated everyone and ganged up against a few.”

Open affair

Vivek is the only one who refuses to believe that there is an affair happening on the sides between Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan Kohli. He says: “The real physical stuff is happening between Gauahar and Kushal. When Gauahar was unwell and wanted to throw up, she didn’t take any girl with her.

Instead, she took Kushal with her and they locked themselves up in the loo for almost 20 minutes. When they came out, her lipstick was all gone. Now we are adults and can understand what would have happened!”

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  1. absolutely right , gauhar and kushal are bitch


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