Exit Polls: Here’s Why Narendra Modi Will Lose

Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Abki Baar Shayad ‘Na'[Ho] Narendra Modi Sarkar: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust The Exit Polls.

Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Exit Polls

Five shocking incidences where exit polls predictions were proved wrong in India. Does it mean Abki Baar ‘Na'[Ho]Modi Sarkar? You decide…

Incident 1 –  

2004 Exit Polls

In 2004 General Elections, all the exit polls predicted a return to power for the NDA giving it 270 to 280 seats. End result? The BJP-led alliance was routed by the UPA (218). NDA got just 181 seats.

Incident 2 –  

2009 Exit Polls

In 2009 General Elections, all the exit polls predicted thin lead for UPA (190-200 seats). End result? The Congress-led UPA got 262 seats while the NDA was reduced to just 159, worst than 2004.

Incident 3 –  

2013 Exit Polls

In 2013 Assembly Elections, BJP was expected to form Delhi government with 37 seats. AAP was expected to win 15 seats. However, BJP fell short by 6 seats and Congress was reduced to 8 while AAP surprised all with 28 seats.

Incident 4 –  

2012 Exit Polls

In 2012 Assembly Elections, almost all the exit polls pointed to a hung assembly in UP with the SP getting 190-210 seats. SP proved them all wrong when it got clear majority with 224 out of 403 seats.

Incident 5 –  

2011 Exit Polls

In 2011 Assembly Elections, the exit polls got it horribly wrong in Tamil Nadu when they written Jayalalitha off (with 110-130 seats). Out of 234 seats, Jaya’s AIADMK grabbed 203 seats!

Now you decide !!!

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