Eggs thrown but Arvind Kejriwal takes the omlette on whirlwind day

Eggs thrown but Arvind Kejriwal

AAM Aadmi Party national convener Arvind Kejriwal was attacked with eggs and stones during a public meeting in Sultanpur Majra on Tuesday evening.

“The eggs and stones missed him and fell beside the podium. The man escaped before he could be identified,” a volunteer from the constituency said.

This is not the first time Kejriwal has been attacked in the area. Last year, while campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls, the former Delhi CM was attacked by an auto-rickshaw driver.

Kejriwal made light of the incident and said, “This means that Jai Kishan (Congress MLA from Sultanpuri Majra) is scared. If the BJP and the Congress think that we will be silenced by stones, they have no idea what we are made of.”

The AAP leader went on a whirlwind campaign tour, holding rallies and fund-raising events in various parts of the capital. Addressing a public meeting in Wazirpur constituency, he criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s choice of words during the Ramlila Maidan address on Saturday.

“The PM attacked me in a recent rally and said Arvind Kejriwal is a Naxal. Am I a Naxal? Should I go  to the forest,” Kejriwal said, adding, “This kind of an attack does not suit a PM. Is it right for the BJP to do this?”

Kejriwal also claimed that the AAP was the only party which knew the “art and technology” to end corruption.

The party chief claimed that the BJP had ordered the demolition of slums so that it could transfer land to big businesses.

“Slums in Rangpuri Pahadi, Wazirpur, Vasant Kunj and Okhla have been demolished. Where will these people go in this weather? The PM has promised a slum-free Delhi. But what about those whose houses have been demolished? Should they wait for seven more years and sleep on the streets till they get proper houses?” Kejriwal said.

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal also attended a fund-raising event in Shalimar Bagh constituency, raising nearly Rs 60 lakh. At the event, organised by the party’s traders’ wing, Kejriwal promised to bring an end to “raid-raj” in the capital.

“Raids will be conducted only after permission is given by the senior-most authorities,” Kejriwal said.

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