Fri. Jul 3rd, 2020

Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks are offensive and dangerous: Hillary Clinton

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US Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton today lashed out against her Republican rival Donald Trump, calling his anti-Muslim rhetoric as “offensive and dangerous”.

“We need to understand that American Muslims are on the front line of our defence. They are more likely to know what’s happening in their families and their communities, and they need to feel not just invited, but welcomed within the American society,” Clinton said participating in Democratic presidential debate.” HIllary said.

“So when somebody like Donald Trump and others stirs up the demagoguery against American Muslims, that hurts us at home. It’s not only offensive; it’s dangerous,” she added.

“The same goes for overseas, where we have to put together a coalition of Muslim nations. I know how to do that. I put together the coalition that imposed the sanctions on Iran that got us to the negotiating table to put a lid on their nuclear weapons programme,” she said in response to a question.

“You don’t go tell Muslim nations you want them to be part of a coalition when you have a leading candidate for president of the United States who insults their religion. So this has to be looked at overall, and we have to go at it from every possible angle,” Clinton said in response to a question on ISIS.

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