Dog comment: My statement twisted out of context, says Union Minister VK Singh

Dog comment: My statement twisted out of context, says Union Minister VK Singh

Union Minister VK Singh on Thursday kicked up a huge political row when he tried to shield the government from blame in the Faridabad Dalit burning incident, saying the “government cannot be held responsible if somebody stones a dog”.

The dog analogy provoked demands for his ouster by the Opposition, which sought registration of a criminal case against him under the Scheduled Castes Prevention of Atrocities Act, and drew parallels with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “puppy” remark made with referrence to Gujarat riots which was construed as directed against the Muslims.

“See, the thing is, never associate local incidents with the Central government (sarkar). There is an inquiry going on. There was a dispute between families. The dispute…How did it turn out.Where did the administration fail, after these it come to the Centre,” Singh said.

“For everything, like if somebody throws a stone at a dog, then the government is responsible…It is not like that,” Singh added in Ghaziabad, the constituency he represents in Parliament, while referring to the burning alive of a Dalit family allegedly by upper caste Rajputs in Haryana’s Faridabad which left two toddlers dead on the intervening night of October 19-20.

However, Singh later clarified that his statement had been twisted out out context.

He posted on micro-blogging site Twitter: “My statement wasn’t intended to draw an analogy. My men and I put our lives on the line for the nation irrespective of caste, creed and religion. I standby to serve India with the same spirit, right now and always. Our nation, its success and its people motivate me daily.”

In another post he wrote: “As citizens of this great nation we are sensitive but also responsible. Agenda of India is bigger than any single neighborhood or individual. We must stand united and let no one exploit our diversity by blowing up localized issues.”

My statement wasn’t intended 2draw an analogy. My men & I put our lives on the line 4the nation irrespective of caste,creed & religion.(1/n)

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