Delhi will maintain double-digit growth: Sheila Dikshit

Sheila Dikshit

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit Monday asserted that the double-digit economic growth of the national capital would be maintained and emphasised the role of industries in this endeavour.

“We are immensely committed to making Delhi a world-class city and sustain the double-digit growth rate of 11.4 percent that it achieved in 2011-12,” Dikshit said here at a CII conclave.

“This is possible, if and only industries support us and partner with us in our initiatives and projects, essentially low cost housing, which would help us make Delhi slum-free in next two-three years,” she added.

Dikshit also asked industries to invest in low-cost housing projects, efficient distribution and management of water, managing waste and a hassle-free public transport system.

Describing Delhi as the “epicentre” of growth, she cited multiplicity of authorities in the capital for affecting its pace of progress, but added this reason has not become a bottleneck.


  1. Time to Stand-Up / get Counted

    For the voters of Delhi , Dec 04, 2013 will be the time to stand up and get counted

    How they opt to get counted will decide their future for the next 5 years

    What are their options ?

     Vote for Congress

    – And continue to suffer for the next 5 years , as they have been suffering for the past 15 years

    – Of course , they will have the satisfaction of having themselves elected their tormentors democratically – hence suffer in silence

     Vote for BJP

    – Lesser of the two Evils !

    – Voters may even look forward to some small improvements in their surroundings if , BJP also wins 2014 National elections with an absolute majority . Rub-off effect from a friendly Center !

     Vote for Aam Admi Party ( AAP )

    – In each constituency , get AAP candidate to distribute to all the voters , signed copies of his / her LOCAL MANIFESTO and DECLARATION filed with Returning Officer

    – In each Election Sabha , ask Arvind Kejriwal to re-commit his party’s promise to pass Jan Lok Pal Bill ( for Delhi ) within 15 days of assuming power. Get it in writing !

    – If he does , then vote for and elect , AT LEAST 40 AAP CANDIDATES on Dec 04 .

    – Remember , if AAP cannot form a government entirely on its own strength , they cannot bring about any reforms !

    – It has to be , either an Absolute Majority or a minority with nothing more than a nuisance value !

    – For the next 5 years , for Delhi-ites , this is their last chance to get a corruption-free government

    Delhi-ites ,

    – This is your ONLY HOPE ( light at the end of the dark tunnel ! )

    – To free India from corruption , you have only ONE option !

    • hemen parekh ( 05 Oct 2013 )


  2. GOP

    In America , GOP stands for “ Grand Old Party “ , ie the Republican Party

    In India , Congress could be termed GOP , having ruled the country for over 55 years since independence

    Sheila Dikshit is the Chief Minister of GOP – ruled Delhi for last 15 years

    In 1998 , she defeated BJP’s Sushma Swaraj and came to power

    All because Sushma could not contain the onion prices then and people of Delhi got angry

    This time , it looks like Sheila’s turn !

    But Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) is spoiling the fun !

    By challenging Sheila to a public debate in Ram Lila ground

    He wants to discuss GOP , viz:

     G ( for Garlic )

     O ( for Onions )

     P ( for Potatoes )

    GOL ( Grand Old Lady ) says , “ This is patently unfair . Can’t you see that I am begging the hoarders to release the stocks ? ”

    May be she should beg the people of Delhi to turn Jains – at least till 4th December

    But then , if Jains keep away from “ Garlic – Onion – Potatoes “ , they might even keep away from the Grand Old Party !

    Whichever way you look , it seems , on 4th Dec , it is

    “ Advantage AAP “

    People of Delhi are angrier than ever !

    • hemen parekh ( 25 Oct 2013 )


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