Decision to expand base will strengthen AAP: Yogendra Yadav

Decision to expand base will strengthen AAP: Yogendra Yadav

Senior AAP leader Yogendra Yadav on Wednesday welcomed the party’s decision to expand its organisation in states other than Delhi, a move he has been long advocating, saying it will further “strengthen” the party.

Making a u-turn from Arvind Kejriwal’s publicly stated position of focusing in Delhi, the party’s Political Affairs Committee took a decision in this regard in a meeting last night.

“I am happy to know about this. I had strong faith that it (conflict) would finally end on a positive note. Initially, the churning had some poison, but I had immense faith that finally, it would conclude with ‘amrit’,” Yadav told reporters on the sidelines of a farmers’ event at Jantar Mantar.

Yadav also termed the party’s decision to enhance the involvement of its volunteers in its decision-making process as a “good gesture” and hoped that a “blue print” would be charted out by Kejriwal.

“Our friends put forward few matters in Political Affairs Committee (PAC) such as expanding of organisation, expanding party’s wing outside Delhi and addressing volunteers’ notion. It was a really good gesture to move forward.

“I firmly believe that we would ponder over these initiatives and propound a blue print that would ultimately serve the objectives of our party, which is the party of hope of common people of India,” he said.

Yadav said he and Bhushan would have a “thorough discussion” with Kejriwal on all the contentious issues when they meet. “Arvind has returned to Delhi after a long gap and he is really very busy, but we will meet.”

“Before that there are other things also that are taking place for the benefit of the party and people,” Yadav said.

He also rubbished reports that he and Bhushan had offered to quit the National Executive if Kejriwal did not pay heed to their demands. “Neither me nor Prashantji have written any such letter,” said Yadav.

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