Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Convince Family To Follow Odd-Even Rule, Arvind Kejriwal Tells Delhi Students

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Arvind Kejriwal administers pledge to combat pollution to students.

Here are the highlights:

  • I myself have 2 kids, my daughter is in IIT Delhi, and my son is class 9 in Delhi
  • My son told me not to talk about pollution rather explain us as to what we can do
  • Pollution cannot be seen, everything in the hall looks clear. But there are small small particles
  • PM 2.5 is dangerous, small enough to inject blood streams
  • We have decided, like in foreign countries, to do vaccum cleaning of roads
  • If you go after 9pm on the road, you will see a lot of trucks
  • These trucks cause pollution through the night. Now we have decided that trucks will enter after 11pm
  • We burn a lot of trash on the roads. Now we will have an app through which you can take a photo and send it to us
  • We will find out those areas through satellite and take action
  • Construction also causes pollution. We have asked people to do responsible construction
  • Vehicular pollution is the main reason we are here.
  • Gopal Rai did an experiment, car-free day on December 22. During this no car was allowed to travel on that particular route.
  • And when we calculated pollution, it was comparatively lesser.
  • Then we decided to bring in Odd Even rule from January 1-15
  • This will lead to reduction of vehicles on the road
  • It is not applicable on Sundays
  • You should talk to and convince your parents to get a Pollution Under Control certificate
  • You have to convince your parents to follow the Odd-Even rule
  • Please call up your relatives and friends and tell them not to violate it
  • This will only be successful when it becomes a big movement

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