Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

Conversion From EDI to XML

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There was a requirement of transferring the files in EDI formats to SAP system or vice versa. As these files cannot be interpreted by the SAP system, these need to be converted into some format which can be processed by SAP.

SAP PI accepts the file in XML and that XML files can be converted into IDOC and transferred to SAP.Converting this EDI file into XML can be achieved by either Conversion Agent or by Seeburger Module.

1. SeeBurger Module

Seeburger is a third party tool which has set of adapters to convert the EDI into XML or vice versa.

Working of Seeburger Module

The mapping has to be created in the BIC mapping tool which will generate a mapping program. This mapping program has to be deployed on the PI server. Further we can use this mapping program as adapter module in communication channel.
It has the in-built conversions available in it. The services of the conversions can be directly used in the communication channel. Seeburger adapters need to be purchased.

2. Conversion Agent

SAP Conversion Agent enables you to transform data efficiently from any format to any other format, via XML-based representations.Conversion Agent parser can be configured to transform the data to any standard or custom XML vocabulary. In the reverse direction, Conversion Agent sterilizer can be configured to transform the XML data to any other format.
This will be feasible solution for inbound (Account Receivable) as well as for outbound.

Working of Conversion Agent

Conversion Agent has two processes:

1) Parser: Converts EDI to XML

2) Serializer : Converts XML to EDI

For Conversion Agent parsing and serializing has to be created for the specified EDI file format. Some standard parser and serializers are already available in the library which we can use without creating the parsing from beginning. Following are the EDI standard parsers which are available in the Conversion Agent.

  2. EDI-X12
  3. EDI-AAR
  4. EDI-UCS_and_WINS

We can create parsing from the beginning for the file formats other than specified above.Monitoring in the conversion agent has to be performed explicitly. Conversion agent is free to use but for production system, we need to buy a license. It is very cost effective.

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