Congress leader: ‘RSS’ dictionary words used in Congress mouthpiece

Congress leader: 'RSS' dictionary words used in Congress mouthpiece

A senior Congress leader while accusing the party’s city unit chief Sanjay Nirupam claimed that the terminology used in the articles in Congress mouthpiece criticizing Jawaharlal Nehru and Sonia Gandhi was borrowed from the “RSS” dictionary.

Yesterday, former minister Naseem Khan while accusing Nirupam for bringing disgrace to the party on the occasion of its 131st Foundation Day, demanded his ouster from the post. Even BJP and Shiv Sena ridiculed the city unit chief after latching onto the blooper.

Mr Khan said, “The kind of terminology used in compiling the articles was derived from the dictionary of RSS. I demand senior party leaders to take this issue very seriously and conduct a detail inquiry by relieving (Sanjay) Nirupam from the post.”

While one article in Hindi journal ‘Congress Darshan’ questioned Jawaharlal Nehru’s China policy, another called Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s father a “fascist soldier”, leaving the party red-faced.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Nirupam apologized over the issue and sacked its editorial content in-charge Sudhir Joshi yesterday.

Taking potshots at the Congress, BJP’s Madhav Bhandari said the write-ups contained nothing new and “the truth we have been pointing at has now come out”.

“Whatever we and all other opposition parties have been saying since long was vindicated today. Congress never thought it necessary to reply to the burning issues on the party leadership, but today its mouthpiece has replied (to) everything,” he said.

Stating that Nirupam cannot escape his responsibility as editor of the magazine, Bhandari said, “Any article that does not bear the name of its writer is credited to have been written by editor only, hence Nirupam cannot absolve himself from the responsibility (sic)”.

Taking a dig at Nirupam, Shiv Sena “congratulated” Nirupam, a former shiv sainik, for “telling truth” to nation.

“We must congratulate Sanjay Nirupam for his boldness to tell the truth about the party’s (Congress) icon (Nehru), though this could be a factor of embarrassment for that party,” said Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande.

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