Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Comedy Nights of Kapil brings curtains down with last episode

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The shooting of Comedy Nights With Kapil, came to an end on Tuesday when the final episode was shot. The guest on the farewell episode was Akshay Kumar. The atmosphere was somber but normal on the surface.

Says a crew member, “We all knew it was the last episode—at least for now. But we were not going to hug and sob . We had decided there will be no tamasha, not even an announcement about the show ending.”

Akshay took Kapil aside to ask if there should be any reference to the final episode but Kapil declined. Says an insider, “We had a whale of time for three years. We didn’t want to spoil it at the last moment.”

The final episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil airs on January 17. And this also means that the curtains are officially down for CNWK, until the channel makes any further announcement.

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