The owner of the Khandwa-based ancestral bungalow of the legendary singer late Kishore Kumar has been asked by the local municipal authorities to demolish a dilapidated part of the structure, an official said. The bungalow, “Gaurikunj”, is located in Bombay Bazaar area of Khandwa, about 250 kms away from the state capital.

“We pasted a notice at Kishore Kumar’s ancestral house today as its rear portion is in a dilapidated condition and may prove dangerous,” Khandwa Municipal Commissioner J J Joshi told PTI.

Kishore Kumar and his actor brothers Ashok Kumar and Anoop Kumar had spent their formative years in the one-storey building.

“Nobody lives in that building, so we pasted the notice on its gate. We have asked the owner of the building to pull down the dangerous portion. This is our regular process to monitor dangerous buildings during monsoon,” he said.

Kishore, who was born in Khandwa, always wanted to return to his birthplace, a wish that remained unfulfilled till his death on October 13, 1987. According to social activist Jay Nangda, the said property has been lying neglected for many years.

“Nobody from the Kishore Kumar’s family comes to Khandwa to look after this valuable property. It is heard that this building is now under the possession of Anoop Kumar’s son Arjun. The local residents have demanded several times that the building should be converted into a museum in the memory of the great singer, but nobody has shown interest so far,” he added.