Apple patents 'smart pen' capable of detecting hand movements

Tech giant Apple has been granted a patent for a stylus design of a smart pen capable of detecting hand movements that enables translation into digital line drawing s and text, adding into the list of their new innovations. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has patented Apple’s communicating stylus that employs accelerometers, wireless communication hardware and onboard storage to transfer hand-written notes and drawings on to the display of a digital device,

Mangalyaan completes one month in Martian orbit

The Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO’s) recently launched Mangalyaan has completed a month in the Martian Orbit. The first longest successful journey to Mars began on November 5 last year. In its 25th flight, the PSLV C25 had launched the Mars Orbiter Mission. After five orbit raising manoeuvres the mission for Mars entered the trans mars injection. The journey which was 680 million kilometers away from the earth was monitored

Mangalyaan sends picture of Mars moon Phobos

Almost 20 days after Mangalyaan successfully entered the orbit of the Red Planet, ISRO’s Mars Orbiter on Tuesday sent pictures of Phobos – the largest of the two natural satellites that orbit around Mars. ISRO, the national space agency, has shared a tiny footage on its social networking site with a caption, “The larger of the two Martian moons, Phobos, is seen travelling West to East over Mars in its typical

Microsoft CEO apologizes for comments on women

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apologized Thursday night and said he was wrong for saying that women don’t need to ask for a raise and should just trust the system to pay them well. Nadella was blasted on Twitter and in blog posts for his comments, which were made earlier Thursday at an event for women in computing. Tech companies hire many more men than women. And beyond the tech industry,

Yahoo fires 600 techies in India

Internet giant and search engine Yahoo! is giving ‘pink slips’ to about 600 techies here to trim its workforce in India and consolidate its core engineering activity in the US. Though Yahoo! India R&D centre here declined to confirm, a source in the know of the development told Wednesday that about 200 lateral/senior employees have, however, been asked to re-locate to its main engineering centre in California, US. The 20-year-old

Microsoft to set up data centre in India

Microsoft on Tuesday said it will offer commercial cloud services from local data centres in India by 2015 as the tech giant gears for competition for the estimated USD 2 trillion domestic market opportunity from rival firms like Google and IBM. The US-headquartered firm said it will set up 3 data centres in three cities in India by the end of 2015. “Last year, our cloud business in India grew

Japanese company plans to build space elevator by 2050

Japanese construction company, Obayashi, has recently announced that they will build a functioning space elevator by 2050. The company said that they would build an elevator that would reach 96,000 kilometres into space and if successful it would revolutionise space travel with potentially transforming the global economy, ABC. net. au reported. Robotic cars powered by magnetic linear motors would carry people and cargo to a newly-built space station, at a fraction

Indian spacecraft Mangalyaan nears Mars

India’s first ever mission to Mars has “entered the Martian neighbourhood,” the country’s space agency said Monday ahead of a manoeuvre to put the spacecraft into the planet’s orbit. Mangalyaan, meaning “Mars craft” in Hindi, is due to cap a 300-day voyage by entering the orbit on Wednesday. “Our navigator’s calculations show that Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has entered the gravitational sphere of the influence of Mars,” the Indian Space

Alibaba 's IPO biggest ever globally after additional shares sold

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and some of its shareholders have sold an additional 48 million shares, a source with direct knowledge of the deal said on Monday, making its IPO the biggest-ever globally at a value of $25.03 billion. The move comes after the stock surged 38 percent in its debut on Friday as investors jostled for a piece of the e-commerce company. Alibaba and several shareholders initially sold 320.1 million American Depositary Shares

Sony's SmartEyeglass to be available for purchase by March

While it released the software development kit for its SmartEyeglass on Friday, Sony has reportedly promised to make its gear available for purchase by the end of March. The SmartEyeglass, which Sony first showed off at CES 2014, is being touted as a rival to Google Glass. While it aims to be as versatile as Google’s gear, it is expected to outdo Glass in some respects, reported The Verge. Sony’s

Microsoft develops keyboard designed for iOS, Android, Windows tabs

Microsoft has developed a keyboard designed for iOS, Android and Windows tablets in its latest move to underline the company’s focus on providing software services. The new Universal Mobile Keyboard is a lot like Logitech’s K480 keyboard, reported the Verge. Microsoft’s version includes a key to switch between iOS, Android, and Windows Bluetooth modes. The keyboard is unique in Microsoft’s range of wired and wireless keyboard s without the conventional

iPhone 6 is the best smartphone ever made: Reviewers

Bigger is better and Apple Inc  has finally realized that and given iPhone users a product that may be low on novelty but high on improvements, reviewers wrote. Most reviewers say that the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone available or “ever made”, while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has been described as a “phablet” that will give competition to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd`s Galaxy S line of `big` Android