Astronomers find three ‘super-Earths’ in nearby star’s habitable zone

Three “super Earth” planets have been found orbiting a nearby star at a distance where life in theory could exist, according to a record-breaking tally announced on Tuesday by the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The three are part of a cluster of as many as seven planets that circle Gliese 667C, one of three stars located a relatively close 22 light years from Earth in the constellation of Scorpio, it

Smartphone to Warn You of Impending Heart Attack

A new smartphone being developed is set to revolutionize the way we manage healthcare by warning people of impending heart attack. Nano-thin silicon heart-and blood-monitoring “tattoos” on people’s arms, which will send a signal to a smartphone if the data indicates a health problem are the basis of the new technology. Zak Holdsworth, a Silicon Valley digital entrepreneur, and Kiwi is helping bring such technology to market. He reckons that

5 Technologies That Will Change the World in 2013

Keeping up with the newest technologies can be a challenge for even the most tech-savvy business owners and entrepreneurs. However, that challenge got a bit easier, thanks to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Technology Review, which  released the 10 technologies they expect to change the world this year. For the list, MIT focuses on groundbreaking advancements that give people a new way to use technology. Some of the technologies that

Multi-coloured iPhone Mini to Launch in September?

Apple’s iPhone will soon be launched and we can already sense the electric tension in the air. iPhone launch is perhaps the most important phone launch of the year creating a frenzy like none other. Not even the now Number One Samsung Galaxy S4 can catch up to the craze. And looks like Apple will create the madness not once but twice this year. Rumours surrounding the iPhone Mini have

Huawei Ascend P6: World’s Slimmest Smartphone Launched!

China’s Huawei unveiled its flagship smartphone, the Ascend P6, at its first standalone launch event on Tuesday, underlining its ambitions to compete with Apple and Samsung in the top tier of mobile technology. Huawei’s latest handset ticks all the right boxes, and is only 6mm thick, but surrounded by headlines about government intrusion, the timing of the launch could’ve been a lot better for a company that was being accused of government

IBM Unveils Big Data,Cloud Enhancements

IBM has announced enhancements across its systems portfolio that is designed to help organisations adopt cloud computing as they build toward Software Defined Environments (SDE). “Cloud computing and big data analytics are playing key roles in helping organizations lower operating expenses, improve efficiencies, and increase productivity,” said Ajay Mittal, director, systems and technology group, IBM India/ South Asia. “But they’re also enabling greater and faster access to business insights, which

SAP plans to acquire ecommerce platform Hybris

In what SAP is calling an effort to deliver the next-generation ecommerce platform, the software firm has announced plans to acquire the Swiss-based omni-channel technology company hybris. SAP AG  and hybris announced that SAP plans to acquire hybris, a rapidly growing and widely recognized leader in e-commerce technology. The acquisition positions SAP to deliver the next-generation e-commerce platform, with the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment, as enterprises around the world seek to optimize the

Apple unveils music streaming service, revamps iOS

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage Monday to unveil some of the new hardware and software the tech company will be releasing in the coming days and months, including improved notebooks, a superb new desktop powerhouse and an Internet radio. Apple Inc unveiled a music streaming service that is a key part of overhauled mobile software that the company called the most revolutionary re-design of its operating system since the

Interesting Trends for Virtualization,Cloud Computing and Big Data Last 5 Years

By Samir Roshan Recently I have been working with my clients in strategic and advisory capacity , some of these inititative require me to jointly develop the future roadmap for my clients. When you work on these projects it doesn’t necessarily stop with Virtualization and Cloud Computing which obviously are top two focus areas and strengths that I have. During the course of this project I started looking at some

ZTE Cricket Engage LT - Stylish but not worth

Instead of coming out with a completely new phone model, it’s not out of the ordinary for carriers – and manufacturers – to re-release the device under a different name after slightly tinkering with the specs. Such is the case with Cricket’s ZTE Engage, a mid-ender that was released back in October of last year for $250, but has been reintroduced as the Engage LT. ZTE’s Cricket Engage LT runs a nearly

Google Glass Skips Facial Recognition

Google put out word that it won’t add face-recognition features to Glass, in a bow to privacy fears raised about the camera-enabled internet-connected eyewear. The company tonight posted an update to developer policies for its wearable device Google Glass that explicitly disallows facial recognition apps. It explained in a Google+ update: “As Google has said for several years, we won’t add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in

Vine finally comes to Android phones

Android smartphone owners can finally stop trading dirty looks with their iPhone-carrying friends: Twitter’s increasingly popular Vine six-second video and creativity app is finally available on the Android platform. Twitter today made available a version of its Vine video-sharing application for devices running Google’s Android platform. Until today, the app and service have been exclusive to Apple’s iPhone. Vine lets users create short, 6-second videos that can then be embedded