People Profiles

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955, to two University of Wisconsin graduate students who gave him up for adoption. He was adopted at birth by Paul Reinhold Jobs (1922–1993) and Clara Jobs (1924–1986). The Jobs family moved from San Francisco to Mountain View, California when Jobs was five years old. The parents later adopted a daughter, Patty.Paul worked as a mechanic and a carpenter, and taught his

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf, born on June 14, 1969, in Mannheim, Germany, entered pro tennis at 13, going on to become one of the sport’s top players. Known for her powerful forehand, she’s won 22 Grand Slam singles titles and in 1988 had a “Golden Slam,” winning all four major competitions and Olympic gold. She retired from the sport in 1999 and wed tennis pro Andre Agassi in 2001.The couple have two children –

Bill Gates

Entrepreneur Bill Gates, born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, began to show an interest in computer programming at the age of 13. Through technological innovation, keen business strategy, and aggressive competitive tactics, he and his partner Paul Allen built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft. In the process, Bill Gates became one of the richest men in the world. He is consistently ranked in the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest

Roger Federer

Born on August 8, 1981, Roger Federer was among the Top 3 junior tennis players in Switzerland by the age of 11. He turned pro in 1998, and knocked out reigning champion Pete Sampras in the fourth round at Wimbledon 2001. Federer became the first Swiss man to win a Grand Slam title, when he won the Wimbledon 2003 singles. In 2004, he won the Australian Open, the U.S. Open and the