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Fake Sonogram Prank

Jimmy and his cousin Sal set up a fake sonogram appointment for their pregnant cousin Micki. She was in on the bit, but her mother (Jimmy and Sal’s aunt Chippy) was not. Aunt Chippy had never seen a sonogram before so Jimmy had our graphics department come up with creative images to give her the most incredible sonogram that anyone has ever seen.

What Some Indians Think about Rape will make you slap them

With rape incidents fast becoming an everyday news, we often tend to not look beyond the headlines and that is where the problem lies – How We Think. The team of ‘Bol Public Bol’ asked some Indian men and women about their view on ‘Why Do Men Rape’, but what they didn’t expect were the shameless, disgusting answers that followed. Blaming women for wearing provocative clothing turned out to be

Viral Video - Girl Asking for Condoms

India might talk big of being modern and accepting, when it comes to gender roles and talks of closet topics like sex, it is still pretty regressive. Take a look at what reactions this girl gets when she decides to ask for a condoms.  

Daawat-E-Ishq Trailer

YRF along with Aditya Roy Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra invites you for the biggest romantic feast of the year through their upcoming film Daawat-E-Ishq. Enjoy the trailer of film right here: Film releases on 5th Sept.

Salman Khan 's Kick: First Look & Trailer!

The highly-anticipated trailer of Salman Khan’s Kick is out! And yes, it lives up to the hype & the hoopla. Sallu joins the list of Bollywood’s masked crusaders with Kick. His name is ‘Devil’. His mask is a no-fuss wrap around the eyes with two holes. But he doesn’t always resort to his superhero gear as he believes in experimenting with his looks – French beard and sans French beard. He’s adept at

Rahul Gandhi Parachute Comedy In Aeroplane

Most Popular Personalities of India Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, M S Dhoni, Mukesh Ambani and a Small kid are travelling in a same plane. Suddenly plane catches fire. Lets see how many of them survived with only four parachutes and who sacrifices their life for another three.

5-Way Battle Taking Shape in Varanasi

5-Way Battle Taking Shape in Varanasi. Battle lines drawn and the fight for Varanasi is heating up. With top Congress leaders volunteering to fight BJP’s PM nominee Narendra Modi, now a five battle is now taking shape as BSP too has jumped into the fray sharpening its attack on Narendra Modi.