Rajanikant Jokes


Why India Won the Cricket (Quarter Final world Cup) match vs Australia Virend(R)a Tendulk(A)r Yuvara(J) Gaut(A)m Rai(N)a Dhon(I) Virat (K)ohli Harbhaj(A)n Zaheer Kha(N) Munaf Pa(T)el As(H)win


“One Day Rajnikanth took part in 100m race, obviously he came 1ST, but Einstein died, Cause LIGHT had COME 2ND!!!!!!”

Rajanikant and his Coin

Once Rajnikanth was standing in his balcony and suddenly his coin fell down, He went down to pick his coin but the coin was not there… why…. because, RAJINIKANT reached before the coin.

Travel Abroad

Rajnikanth does not need a visa 2 travel abroad, he jumps from the tallest building in chennai holds himself in d air while d earth rotates.

Sweeper Boy

1 day Rajinikant got angry on his sweeper boy, he kicked him so hard that he went flying in the sky with his broom . . today that boy is famous as “HARRY POTTER”

Solar Eclipse

Once Rajanikant decided to stare at the Sun The sun got scared and hid itself behind the Moon Later this situation was named as . . . . . . SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Harry Potter

Breaking News…. . Rajinikanth kills Harry Potter in the eighth book. . And Voldemort himself is the 8th horcrux of Ranjinikanth…