Black money: Government likely to reveal names of 3 A/C holders

black money

The government may on Monday file an additional affidavit in the Supreme Court over black money issue stating clarification on its earlier stand of not revealing the names of those account holders who have deposited money in foreign banks.

Reports are also doing the rounds in the media that amid a growing clamour for naming of alleged black money holders, the Centre might also reveal the names of three account holders in the additional affidavit.

The Narendra Modi government, which had promised to bring back black money kept by Indians in foreign banks, recently toed the line of the previous UPA regime by informing Supreme Court that it cannot make public such details as have been shared by countries with which India has a double taxation avoidance agreement.

Slamming the NDA government for stating that it cannot disclose details of the data shared by it with foreign countries regarding black money, Rajya Sabha MP and senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani last week said that its recent submission in Supreme Court in the matter was “ill-advised”.

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