Bihar won’t see Narendra Modi ji’s face after polls, taunts Nitish Kumar

Bihar won't see Narendra Modi ji's face after polls, taunts Nitish Kumar

Warming up before the upcoming third phase of the state Assembly polls, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar took another swing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday saying it was good that he was campaigning for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with so much vigour since Bihar would barely see the latter after the elections anyway.

“Even though it’s for the excuse of campaigning, it’s good that the Prime Minister heard our plea of spending at least a few days in Bihar. It will be a golden opportunity for the people of the state to see Modi ji’s true face because he will hardly be seen in the state after the elections anyway,” Nitish tweeted.

Further sharpening his attack on the Prime Minister, Nitish once again used his ‘failure to deliver promises’ salvo saying the people of Bihar should brace themselves for a ‘repeat performance’ by the former.

चुनाव प्रचार के लिए ही सही, परन्तु मोदीजी ने हमारे “कुछ दिन तो गुज़ारिए बिहार में” के अनुरोध को माना तो

“Tactical silence is his new weapon of choice. For someone who doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk or tweet by the minute on literally anything it is baffling that Modiji doesn’t, speak a word on issues that exhort the collective conscience of the country or bother the common masses,” Nitish tweeted.

Slamming the Prime Minister for his prolonged silence over ‘failed promises’ like black money and special status for Bihar, Nitish said the saga has continued right into the ongoing state elections.

“No words on gruesome killing of Dalit children in Haryana, mob lynching in Dadri or skyrocketing prices of dal. No words on promises he made & then conveniently forgot- black money, farmer MSP, youth employment, special status for Bihar- list goes on,” Nitish added.

In a gruelling schedule, the Prime Minister will address four rallies while Nitish will address six today in Bihar, in an attempt to woo the voters before the third phase of Assembly polls on October 28th.

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