Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

Bigg Boss 9: Keith Sequeira to RETURN to the show tomorrow!

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We all know that Keith Sequeira left the Bigg Boss 9 house a few weeks back after the untimely death of his younger brother, Ian Sequeira. The VJ was a very strong contender in the house and he had a very solid perspective about things. But after he left a lot has changed. Four wild card contestants have come in, a lot of people have been eliminated and the contestants have changed their faces too.

A lot was spoken about Keith Sequeira’s return ever since he left. The show’s host, Salman Khan had also mentioned that Keith would return later on. And we guess it’s time! Yes, Keith Sequeira is BACK. He was on the sets today and we hear that he has already entered the house and started shooting for tomorrow’s episode. Yes, he will be on tomorrow’s episode.

If you don’t know, let me inform you that today is his girlfriend, Rochelle Maria Rao’s birthday and on her special day, he enters the house and surprises her. Rochelle will be ecstatic and all the other contestants will be happy to see him too. Keith will also reveal to everyone about why he left and everyone will be shocked.

Anyway, after mourning for his brother’s sudden demise and supporting his family, Keith is back and he is going to bring in some new energy and perspective to the house.

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