Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Bigg Boss 9: Here’s the real reason behind Imam Siddique’s entry!

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Imam Siddique who rocked Bigg Boss 6 with his mad antics is back again! To torment the Bigg Boss 9 contestants with his wrath and nautanki. Promising to be his usual self inside the house, Imam enters the house on Sunday and the episode will be aired on Monday.

There won’t be any BB telecast on Sunday because of Stardust Awards. But Salman Khan will be back on Monday and he will lead Imam into the house. People who know Imam will agree that after his entry, things will change and the tables are going to turn for sure.

Imam also promises to do the same. “I’m extremely excited to reenter the Bigg Boss house at it the most crucial point of the season. I have always been a Bigg Boss fanatic and the show is very close to my heart. It gives me pleasure to know that I’ve gone down in the history of Bigg Boss and have managed to win many hearts over the years. I’m going inside the house with a mission to entertain the audience and promise to make my stay inside the house a memorable one,” Imam told before entering the house.

But Imam is entering the show for a reason. He will be inside for a week and has a task in hand. What’s it? Our sources reveal, “He will be seen giving the housemates series of tasks that will put their determination and perseverance to test. The tasks results would determine if the present contestants- Rochelle, Keith, Mandana, Priya and Rishabh are deserving enough to be in the race to the finale. By the end of the tasks, Imam will be given the power to determine one more contestant who will join Prince in the finale week while others will have to go through the tiresome process of nomination.”

So for Keith, Rochelle, Mandana, Priya and Rishabh- it will be a tough task to keep Imam pleased as it would also take them closer to the Grand Finale while the other four contestants will be fighting it out at the nominations to enter the Grand Finale week. What a trump card, Bigg Boss!

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