Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Bigg Boss 7: The kitchen gets shut for 24 hours on day 71

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Bigg Boss 7

On Day 71 in Bigg Boss 7, Bigg Boss decides to shut the kitchen for 24 hours as a punishment.

Every contestant who has ever been a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ is aware about the importance of adhering to the rules of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. However, even after knowing this, the housemates have time and again broken the rules in spite of receiving multiple warnings from Bigg Boss.

After realizing that warning and reminders were falling on deaf ears, Bigg Boss decides to take some extreme measures and announces that as part of their punishment for breaking the rules, the kitchen will be closed for 24 hours.

Bigg Boss reminds the contestants that they have been conversing in English even after the language has been forbidden. He points out that amongst the ones who have been found flouting the rules regularly include Tanishaa and Armaan, and even Gauahar and Kushal who speak to other in English after the lights are turned off and the mikes have been taken off.

Bigg Boss further adds that the inmates have been discussing the nominations… something which is strictly against the rules of the game!

Bigg Boss announces that while he has been very liberal so far, and given the contestants and opportunity mend their ways, the fact that they have not taken him seriously, has urged him to take the decision to keep the kitchen closed for 24 hours.

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