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Bigg Boss 13 contestant Keona Mitra: I am the most difficult human I know

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Koena Mitra feels she is the most difficult human being she has ever come across, and hence it will be a challenge to adjust with complete strangers inside the Bigg Boss house.

Talking to the source, Koena said: “See, I am the most difficult human I know (laughs). I don’t know who is going to be more difficult but I know that this show isn’t easy.”

When quizzed about how comfortable she is with cooking and doing other household chores, the model turned actress said all these she doesn’t find challenging because for her the only challenge will be adjusting with other contestants inside the house. She said: “Housework is no challenge for me. My challenge would be living in this house with many strangers. I don’t know who they are and I don’t know them either. When I see them, I don’t think I will find a friend there because I haven’t heard from any friend or anybody (known to me) who are going for this show.”

Koena is a contestant in the 13th season of Bigg Boss and is looking for some adventure inside the house. She expressed, “The show offers a lot of adventure, it has a strong fan base. My sister and cousins were thrilled when they got to know that I have said yes to this show. Adventure is my biggest attraction and the show has a loyal set of viewers.”

How does it feel to be a contestant at bigg boss? Koena shared, “After many years! At the age of 18, I had participated in a beauty pageant. I represented India and won the title. That was my last competition. First and last. After that, I never really took part in any competition or reality show. This is my first (reality show) experience and it is going to be an adventurous journey!”

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Koena feels, being a contestant on Bigg Boss will help her fans know her better as a person. She explained: “A lot of people don’t watch cinema. They can’t afford movie tickets, they can’t go to theatres to watch cinema, they are not on social media. How do you reach out to those people as an artist? I thought this is going to be a great platform where they will see the person, know the personality. They have seen me in different characters, they have seen me as a model, they have watched my films and interviews but on this show they will see the person that I am. I thought it is going to be a great opportunity to reach out to them. My fans on social media try to assume things (about me) most of the time. This time they will see the person. So, that’s a brilliant opportunity.”

However, the actress feels it will be difficult if her fans expect her to look perfect all the time inside the house. She said, “Fans see you on hoardings, posters, on the screen with perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect clothes etc. Perfection is such a hunger! Especially when it comes to actors and stars, they always expect perfection. I just hope people don’t expect perfection day and night, it is not possible. When you are cooking in the kitchen, you can’t be having curled and perfect hair. I will have to look simple, I’ll be the way I am at home.”

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The Kolkata-born actress recently tweeted expressing how she is going to miss Durga puja this year. Talking about the same, she said: “Durga puja, Kali puja, Diwali everything I’ll be missing. I’ll be missing all the good food and hungama in Bengal, dressing up for Durga puja and my house puja also. We perform Lakshmi puja on the day of Kali puja. I’ll miss all the fun outside home. I just hope we have enough fun in the (Bigg Boss) house.”

Koena also informed that if she doesn’t have any work commitments, then she prefers to be at home in Kolkata for Durga puja and spend time with her family and friends.

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