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Anushka Sharma talks about Shah Rukh Khan, their film and more

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Anushka Sharma is currently neck deep busy promoting her film Jab Harry Met Sejal with Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali, parallel to which the actress if also working on other work commitments. During a recent interview for the promotion of JHMS the actress was at her candid best and shared a lot.

If anything has changed in Shah Rukh since Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi?

Well, usually people vary in their attitude towards you based on where you are in life. Sometimes they are nicer to you when you are more successful but Shah Rukh has been consistent since the beginning and that shows his goodness as a human being. Right from our first film together, he made me feel important, has been helpful as a co-star and a very giving actor. And the beauty of it is that he hasn’t changed with time like a lot of people do these days.

Has anything changed in you in the last nine years?

I guess. You always see growth in yourself as an actor, as a human being, which according to me, is equally important, if not more. It’s important to keep growing and evolving into someone better as that reflects in your craft. I’m more confident today and feel the choices I’ve made were brave because of some kind of inner strength I was building up inside me for many years. I did not plan on becoming an actor since I was not from the film industry. So, I value this journey a lot as it has made me the person I am today.

On meeting tourist guides who made an impression…

I’ve never been on a trip like Sejal in Jab Harry Met Sejal. My father was in the army. I didn’t come from an affluent family so we couldn’t afford international trips. Whatever travelling I’ve done has been after I started working. I enjoy it as it’s a way of seeing the world and meeting different people. But I stay away from touristy places. What excites me is observing people in their day-to-day lives and learning about their culture. That adds to my database as an actor.

On Imtiaz’s favorite film…

Jab We Met, I watched it in a place called Nal in Rajasthan where my father was posted. It was an old single screen theatre, with plastic chairs and more cine-goers than seats; not the best environment. Still, I was completely entranced by it. I was at that age when I was observing things a lot more. I thought Kareena Kapoor’s character was really well-etched out and she did a brilliant job. I was modelling by then and that was the first time I thought of becoming an actor. The film has a special place in my heart because it elicited this feeling in me, thanks to a great portrayal of a female character by a director.

On love and relationships…

Imtiaz’s portrayal of characters and their love stories is real and relatable. They aren’t romantic in a clichéd way. To me, love is something that helps you grow; the presence of someone else makes you a better person. In Imtiaz’s film too you see the characters become more complete from being with each other and accepting each other’s flaws. Love is not perfect, people are not perfect in relationships, we are God’s creatures; he accepts and embraces that in his film.

If friends can be lovers?

The kind of person I am, I feel boundaries should be set. It’s not difficult to do that if that’s what two people decide. I have a lot of guy friends with whom there can never be anything romantic. Yes, sometimes one person might start to develop feelings. But given the kind of environment I grew up in and the people I have come to know, it’s possible to be just friends. It’s unnatural for me to think that the romance is the only way for two people to be associated with each other.

On Aanand L Rai reuniting the Jab Tak Hai Jaan trio…

I’ll start that after I’ve wrapped up Pari. I’m looking forward to it because I really enjoyed working with both although I don’t have scenes with Katrina in the film. But as a co-actor I respect her hard work and value what she has done. With Shah Rukh this will be my fourth film, the maximum I have worked with any actor. I have a great professional relationship with him and Aanand L Rai is a director I have always appreciated.

Well after all of this, we can hardly wait for Jab Harry Met Sejal which is slated to release on August 4th.

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