Anger in India must be cooled: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi today said there was a “lot of anger” in India which must be checked.
“India is a thought…youths make it, you make it. We have to include everyone and move forward,” the Congress leader said as he inaugurated a new training centre for para-military forces in Uttar Pradesh.
Mr Gandhi invoked the example of a man who once supported the separatist demand for Khalistan and later joined the political mainstream in Punjab after peace was restored in the state once wrecked by militancy.
“Like this person who came to my room, he used to be very angry. Today he is an MLA, he’s working for us, for the people of Punjab. He had been blinded by anger. It wasn’t his fault, people around him had filled him with anger,” Mr Gandhi said.
This man, he said, became a state legislator.
The Congress leader said that the para-military Central Reserve Police Force played an important role in bringing normalcy in Punjab.
“That anger the CRPF curbed. And today the Congress and the Akali Dal in Punjab are promoting youth and that system gave him space in politics and helped (him) develop. Things that will help reduce anger – those are what we all must do,” Mr Gandhi said.

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