Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Ananya Panday to speak about her initiative ‘So Positive’ with college students in Lucknow

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Bollywood’s new kid on the block, Ananya Panday, who marked her debut with ‘Student Of The Year 2’ alongside Tiger Shroff, recently started the ‘So Positive’ initiative against social media bullying and trolling. Calling it her digital social responsibility, she said she aimed to fight and negate social media bullying.

The actress, who initiated this campaign, will be interacting with the students of Isabella Thoburn College in Lucknow later this week.

Opening up about how she is preparing ahead of her talk, Ananya said, “I think when you speak from your heart, it works the most. It is about sharing my experiences and letting other people talk. Yes, I want to be as clear as I can with the facts that I have and the exact solutions that I can give to the kids. One of the aims of So Positive is providing clarity about people can do when they need help.”

The beauty went on to add, “Cyberbullying and trolling is something that people have seen happening, but no one was doing anything about it. I was also confused about how to make a difference. I spoke to my parents about just starting the conversation. That’s where the idea for So Positive came from. I hope it has made some sort of impact as a lot of people came out and supported the initiative”.

Sharing her thoughts about the need for an initiator who stands against the bully, Ananya elaborated, “If one person stands up to a bully, everyone is inspired enough to do that”.

“I have been on it since she was 14. I enjoy it. The good side is, me being an actor, I can reach out to a lot more people. I can interact with fans and give them an insight into my life, which they wouldn’t have got otherwise as it’s an unfiltered version that I am providing. I also follow a lot of people who I look up to and it also helps me to keep in touch with my friends. It just makes the world smaller”.

The actress, however, cautions that people only post filtered versions about their lives, which makes everything seem perfect on social media. Talking about this she said, “People don’t post their failures, but you should realise that not everything is perfect and you shouldn’t believe everything you see. I provide the most real version of myself because I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for young girls following me.

I know how easy it is get carried away. If I am following someone, and I see a bag or a certain look that I want, I start feeling insecure about my appearance. Now, since I am an actor, I have a responsibility. I want to inspire those who are following me, and make them feel that we are real and normal.”

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