Anand Sharma says he was attacked by ABVP activists at JNU

Anand Sharma says he was attacked by ABVP activists at JNU

Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma today said that he has suffered injuries after he was attacked by ABVP activists in JNU campus when he was returning with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi after attending a protest meet held by students there.

The “attack” took place some distance away from the place where the meeting was held at the university campus with the ABVP activists using “cover of the darkness,” Sharma claimed.

“There was a bleeding from my left ear following the attack and I also suffered some cuts,” Sharma said, adding his personal security officer too was “pushed from behind” by the attackers.

The Congress leader has even filed complaint after the attack in Jawaharlal Nehru University campus.

Meanwhile, the Congress has also condemned attack on its party leader and termed it as a “black day” in country’s democracy.

The former Union minister said that ABVP activists “reflect the frame of mind of the Modi-government,” who want to siphon off the voice and take away civil rights of students.

Sharma even asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah to take against the culprits and also give an explanation on the attack, as law and order is the responsibility of the government and Delhi Police.

“Prime Minister and BJP president owe an explaination…We want to ask the Prime Minister whether law and order is not his and Delhi Police’s responsibility,” he said.

“Will Prime Minister now take action against those goons and hooligans…Will Modi take action against Delhi Police who failed to protect and provide security.

“Is this the intolerance that is in the mind of the government and BJP, by which, if you disagree with BJP, either you will be branded as anti-national or you will be physically attacked and bodily harmed caused to you,” he said.

Meanwhile, ABVP rubbished the allegations, saying its members did not indulge in any such activities. “They were peacefully registering their protest against the presence of politicians on the campus which has politicized the whole issue,” ABVP leader and JNUSU Joint Secretary Saurabh Kumar Sharma said.

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