Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

Aman Verma claims his eviction and Prince Narula’s win was pre-decided

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Popular television actor and Bigg Boss 9 contestant Aman Verma says that his six-week stay in the house was part of his deal with the producers, and that he knew about his elimination well in advance.

“I was supposed to be on the show for just six weeks according to my deal with the producers. We wanted people to think that mine was a proper eviction but actually, I could only afford to give the show six weeks,” he told.

“If you are on Bigg Boss for three months it is not going to change your career. Tell me the name of any winner of Bigg Boss whose career has changed after coming on the show, except for Shweta Tewari, who was already doing well in her career. If you want to get infamous for a certain time, then it is a great show to be on. But for me, mere paas six weeks free thay, so I did my bit, took my money and came out,” he added.

He has contradicted his earlier statement that he gave right after his eviction. “I am surprised to be out of the house this early but nonetheless I have no regrets as I had a wonderful experience. While I was inside the house, I made sure that people get to see the real Aman Verma and guess this is what kept me going in the show. I have come out of the house with absolute dignity and clean heart with no hard feelings for anybody. I am surely going to miss Rochelle and Mandana for all the good times we have spent inside the house,” he had told.

Now we are surprised. Why did Aman express shock after his elimination, when he already knew what was in store for him?

He also claims that even Prince Narula’s victory was fixed. “We knew right from the start that Prince Narula is going to win Bigg Boss. There were a lot of people from the production team who were talking about it, saying that this guy will win the show,” adds Aman.

Apart from Aman, another Bigg Boss 9 contestant Suyyash Rai had hinted that the voting on the show was rigged. He had said in an interview to The Times of India that he got to know from his sister that he had received the second highest votes after Mandana, but was still eliminated. The actor had also said that he was probably evicted as the producers might have felt he had nothing more to offer to the show.

The Great Khali who was part of Bigg Boss 4 had said in an interview with Star news that the show was fixed.

Former Bigg Boss contestants like Rahul Bhatt, KRK and Kashmira Shah had also in the past accused makers of fixing the show.

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