Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

Amala Paul on the new man in her life

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Actor Amala Paul is busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Aadai. The movie has been making waves ever since the first look came out. And after the trailer, it is certain that Aadai is Amala’s boldest film to date.

Amala recently revealed that Aadai came to her when she was about to quit the film industry. In an interview, the actor also revealed some interesting tidbits about her Aadai character Kamini, her struggle with nudity and, for the first time, the new man in her life.

Nudity in commercial films is still a fairly new concept in the south Indian film industry. Amala Paul might very well be the first Kollywood actor to bare it all on screen and she revealed that she had to work extensively on herself for the role. Amala said, During the day of that particular shoot, I was freaked out. Because the entire world is going to see your body, something that is so personal to you. The cast and crew ensured all the required steps to make sure I was comfortable but it was a very stressful day.

She added, After the shoot, I felt like crying even though I thought it would go well. But I took some time out and relaxed myself.

In the interview, the actor also revealed that she is dating someone. Without mentioning his name, she said that her partner was her truth . Amala said, I discuss all my acting decisions with him and he has shaped how I look at my work. She also went on to say, I have always been a rebel without a cause and true love healed me. I have always thought that only a mother is capable of unconditional love but he changed that perception in me because he had to sacrifice his job to be with me. He understands my passion and appreciates it.

Amala Paul added that her partner always reveals her flaws and never flatters her to satisfy her ego. In fact, he saw her initial films and even called her a s***ty actor. I realized that I didn’t have people around me who gave me the criticism I needed. He came and ripped me apart. He is the truth in my life, she said.

Aadai is set to hit the screens on July 19.

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