Ajay Maken takes responsibility for ‘defeat’

Ajay Maken

With all exit polls having predicted Congress’ rout in Delhi, Ajay Maken, party’s campaign chief for the assembly elections, Monday, accepted responsibility for the defeat.

Maken said that he is taking responsibility for the poll loss and that party vice president Rahul Gandhi is not responsible.

With Maken accepting defeat even before the votes are counted suggests that the Congress is certain of a loss in the high-stakes battle for Delhi.

Yesterday, Maken had said if opinion and exit polls are correct the will of the people should prevail in a democracy and that it was ready to play whatever role people of Delhi entrust upon it.

“Well last time (in 2013 Assembly polls) when AAP got 28 seats, at that time also it seemed people of Delhi wanted AAP to govern them, and many of the votes got transferred to some other symbols like torch…People perhaps wanted AAP, and had it not been for symbol torch, they would have got a majority on their own.

“So, I think people really want to give AAP a chance and if the exit polls, opinion polls are correct, so if that is the case, the will of the people should prevail in a democracy. And, whatever role people decide for us, we are ready to play,” Congress General Secretary Ajay Maken said here.

Delhi exit polls have been near unanimous in predicting a victory for Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party. As per the exit poll results, BJP is expected to finish second and the Congress is facing a complete rout.

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