AAP Mangalore unit sees mass resignations by founders

Aam Aami Party

In a set back for the Aam Aami Party (AAP) around 18 office bearers of the Dakshina Kannada unit of AAP announced their mass resignations on Saturday alleging that the party was lacking internal democracy and its leaders were removed from ground realities.

“When AAP was launched its philosophy met our aspirations as it promised to represent the interest of people at the grass roots but following the Lok Sabha election the party has been sabotaged by vested interests,” founder and co-convener of the Dakshina Kannada unit Srinivas Nandagopal said.

The founding members of the AAP in the Dakshina Kannada region said that some decisions had made a laughing stock of the party including the nomination of M R Vasudeva as a Lok Sabha candidate and subsequently as the district head of AAP despite Vasudeva securing fewer votes than the NOTA (None Of The Above) category in the parliament polls.

“We have written to our AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal on several issues but we have been cold shouldered,” Srinivas said.

Reacting to the developments member of AAP’s National Executive Committee from Karnataka Prithvi Reddy said that he was unaware of the mass resignations.

He said AAP was at present in the throes reconstituting its structure nationwide under what is called “Mission Vistar” where the entire party organization is sought to be re-built.

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