AAP leader calls top cop Bassi ‘Modi’s spokesperson’, dares him to debate

AAP leader calls top cop Bassi 'Modi's spokesperson', dares him to debate

The ongoing tussle between Delhi government and Delhi Police seems to be getting murkier as senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh on Saturday called city’s Police Commissioner BS Bassi a ‘spokesperson’ of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Daring Bassi to debate with a Delhi government’s representative, Singh took to Twitter and wrote, “Modi’s spokesperson Bassi sahab had challenged Arvind Kejriwal for a debate. Our leader Kumar Vishwas is ready for a debate on behalf of Kejriwal. Bassi ji should tell us time and place.”

“Have you ever seen any Police Commissioner in any state giving so many interviews? This is all Modi’s game plan. The way Modi govt is using Bassi, it is not in good of the society. The same thing Modi did in Gujarat,” he was quoted as saying by ANI.

The AAP government has time and again accused the Delhi Police of acting as an agent of Modi government. It has also demanded that the responsibility of police should be handed over to the Delhi government.

Meanwhile, top cop Bassi in an interview on Friday had said that it would be a “very unfortunate” day in the history of the capital if the Delhi Police comes under the city government and its functioning under the Centre’s jurisdiction was “perfect”.

“It will be a very unfortunate day in the history of Delhi. As a citizen of Delhi I can say it would be a bad fortune for Delhi. They (AAP) have the right to make a political demand. It is political posturing. And as a citizen of Delhi I have the right to say this is not right for Delhi citizens,” Bassi was quoted as saying by PTI.

He had further dared Kejriwal to a public debate, stating that a debate between the two parties will clear all doubts and faults.

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