If this is AAP education, give me illiteracy!


At a press conference, an alleged intellectual who has won many academic awards (Yogendra Yadav) and an MPhil from JNU and erstwhile Managing Editor (Ashutosh) and other allegedly “common men” wave letters written by residents about a prostitution and drug racket as concrete “proof”.

This “proof” is pushed so vehemently that I am convinced that suddenly the law of the land has changed. Now if the Aam Aadmi Party comes to power in my area and I don’t like someone, all me and my friends have to do is to write letters to the AAP and fix my friend for good.

This alleged “proof” was also enough to convince an ex-IITian and lawyer (Somnath Bharti) that he told the Delhi Police to break the law and raid a residential are in the night without an arrest warrant. (New AAP catchline: We will reform the dreaded Delhi Police by making them to break the law.)

When the police for once refuse to break the rules, this educated minister sees a mob of vigilantes take the law into their own hands and shower racist abuses on Ugandan nationals and harass them and incidentally the Delhi Police is seen as their saviour.

On TV an AAP spokesperson urges the viewers to side with Indians over Ugandans! What a defence! Does that mean an Indian national can now commit any crime against a foreign national and expect the full support of police, judges and citizens because the latter are all Indians?

The issue goes on the desk of another IITian and someone who has worked in the private sector, been a bureaucrat and even won the Ramon Magsaysay Award in the form of Arvind Kejriwal. That’s when the theatre of absurd begins and Kejriwal instead of rebuking the minister, commending the police for doing their job and apologizing to the insulted Ugandan nationals instead demands action against the police!

When the Central government, instead of dismissing this nonsense, agrees to look into the issue, Kejriwal sets an unreasonable deadline and threatens to go on a dharna. What follows is anarchy and Kejriwal himself accepts that he’s an anarchist. AAP supporters go on the rampage in Delhi, a sitting Chief Minister turns an activist and high drama is seen all day in the streets of Delhi.

Reports say a minister sits in a policeman’s car and claims he is arrested. The very same Ashutosh as mentioned above is seen shouting at a policeman with such rage that he would even put a fish market to shame.  And now this meaningless agitation threatens to go on for 10 days and may even derail the Republic Day celebrations. Voters of AAP must be regretting the creation of this Frankenstein monster.

For years we have seen uneducated criminals running amuck on the Indian political scene, indulging in goondagardi, speaking arrogantly and defending their offending party men tooth and nail. Now the educated intelligentsia of the AAP are doing exactly the same! If this is education, then give me illiteracy any day!

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