50 lakhs to 1600 crore: The magic of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi

The National Herald case in is the news because a Delhi court has summoned Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in connection to a petition.

That is not strange even if guilt is decided after a trial, not at initial step of even deciding if a trial is necessary.

However, this is a unique case no matter how one looks at it. Indeed, the facts make the events seem almost magical. And they are certainly long and full of twists. Let us have a look.

On the face of it, or at least according to the Congress party’s version of events, it was an act of charity – helping out someone who was in favor to the party.

However, as per the allegations made by BJP’s Subramanian Swamy in his case against Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, matters take a strange turn once you dig deeper.

The main questions raised are – 

  • Why did Associated Journals, which could have easily made several hundred crores just by the sale of their properties, take the loan from the Congress Party?
  • Why did Associated Journals sell itself for just Rs 50 lakhs?
  • Why did Associated Journals sell itself to a vaguely-defined, unknown and brand new non-profit company, instead of approaching other publishers or companies engaged in similar activities as its own?
  • The Congress Party initially claimed the money was to revive the National Herald paper. Are there any plans, or have any steps been taken since 2011, to achieve this?
  • The Congress Party also claims their money was used to pay salaries of 700 employees, but there is no clear proof that this money was used for this purpose at all. So where did the money go?
  • Is the Congress Party now going to get its money back from Young Indian, or is that money gone forever?
  • Since Young Indian is essentially owned by the Gandhis and other Congress Party office bearers, does the Congress Party intend to recover its money from them?
  • While the Congress Party may end up losing Rs 90 crores, isn’t it amazing how the Gandhis seem to have made Rs 1600 crores from just Rs 50 lakhs?
  • Doesn’t the Congress Party want its money back?
  • What exactly is Young Indian, supposedly promoting “India’s youth commitment to the ideal of a democratic and secular society”, plan on doing with Associated Journals?
  • What happens now to Associated Journals vast properties?

Quite possibly more questions will emerge as the days go on.

In the end, it may emerge that technically no major laws have been broken, and on the surface it certainly seems so.

While no one can be surprised the Congress Party is willing to take a huge loss for the first family, it is difficult to image Rahul and Sonia Gandhi emerging from this mess without a major political scandal.

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