5 Advanced Mobile Phone Concepts

Mobile Script Cell Phone


Mobile Script Cell Phone

The Mobile Script has been designed to act both as a mobile device and as a laptop in your pocket. All of the laptop functions are located on the large screen (9.5 inches), which is located inside the phone in a minimized state. To access these functions all you have to do is pull the flexible screen from the main phone and you have your laptop.

Magic Stone


The solar powered Magic Stone, with its classical minimal looks, and its holographic features is perhaps the most advanced mobile concept in this post.

Cobalto Mobile Phone Concept


The design of the Cobalto has been inspired by Sci-Fi movies like Minority Report. Its flexibility comes from its deformable metal, were you can have either the usual number buttons or an iPod styled dial.



Kyocera EOS Kinetic Flexible OLED Cell Phone

Kyocera EOS Kinetic Flexible OLED Cell Phone

The Kyocera EOS can be used in its folded-up shape for simple phone calls, unfolds to reveal a wide screen, and derives its energy from human interaction. The more you use the phone, the more kinetic energy is turned into an electric charge through an array of tiny piezoelectric generators. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the house with a semi-charged cell phone again.
Still in its early design stage, but Kyocera hope to integrate concepts from the device into cell phone lineups in the near future. Maybe future versions of the EOS will follow Samsung and LG’s lead and use solar power in addition to kinetic energy.

Sony Simplicity


The Sony Simplicity Concept is a mobile phone, just a phone, nothing else. It’s made for people that don’t need the modern functions like SMS, Organizer, Camera, E-Mail, surfing and so on, it’s made for people that just want to communicate via phone. Just like in the good old days.

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